What Radio Station Is Sunday Night Football On? (Perfect answer)

Sunday Night Football from Westwood One on 97.3 ESPN.

  • Westwood One Sports is the radio home of the NFL, including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football, the Playoffs, and the Super Bowl, as well as NCAA Football, NCAA Basketball, the Men’s and Women’s NCAA Basketball Tournaments and much more.

Can you listen to NFL games on radio?

Find a radio station or an audio stream to hear every NFL primetime and postseason game. Listen to the NFL on SiriusXM. Listen live to every NFL game for every team—all on TuneIn.

What radio station has the NFL game on?

NFL on ESPN Radio – ESPN.

Where can I listen to TNF?

TNF Radio

  • La Mega 97.9. Leo Nation.
  • 98.7 FM ESPN New York. You Know Us, We Know Sports.
  • 106.7 Lite fm. Victor Sosa.
  • 107.5 WBLS. Doctor Bob Lee.
  • La X 96.3. DJ Joan.
  • MSNBC. The 11th Hour with Brian Williams.
  • CNN. The Most Trusted Name In News.
  • 77 WABC. Red Eye Radio.

How can I listen to Sunday night football on the radio?

Sunday Night Football from Westwood One on 97.3 ESPN.

Is NFL on UK radio?

The NFL is returning to talkSPORT including both London games and all the live action from the US. The talkSPORT NFL Show will be broadcast every Sunday evening at 5pm with Nat Coombs, Will Gavin and special guests each week – covering the biggest stories across all the action in the early games.

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Where can I get the NFL Sunday Ticket?

NFL Sunday Ticket appears on channels 705 to 719 during the NFL season, both standard and HD versions. NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX subscribers can access the RED ZONE CHANNEL® on channel 703, and the DIRECTV FANTASY ZONE® channel on 704. See the DIRECTV Channel Guide.

How do I listen to NBC Sports Radio?

Listen to NBC Sports Radio, KDUS – NBC Sports AM 1060 and Many Other Stations from Around the World with the radio.net App.

What is Westwood One radio station?

Westwood One is an American radio network owned by Cumulus Media. The company syndicates talk, music, and sports programming. The company takes its name from an earlier network also named Westwood One, a company founded in 1978.

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