How To Play Football Fusion Roblox? (Solution)

How does a football game work in Roblox?

  • Two captains select two teams and select the players they want and do a coin toss to determine who starts with the ball. If the captain wins, he can receive or defer the ball. There are 4 quarters with 5 minutes each, and players can vote who is the quarterback, captain, and kicker. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

What are the controls for football Fusion?

Controls. PC Controls: Passing (Left Click), Dive (E), Block (X without the ball), Handoff (X with the ball, as Quarterback.), Catch (Left Click/C with ball approaching), Hitstick (R, Must have gamepass.)

What does PR mean football Fusion?

Blocking and Tackling, PR 2.0 Style – Fusion Public Relations.

What does GS mean in Roblox Fusion?

GS – games started.

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