Readers ask: Football Players Who Died?

National Football League

Name Age Cause of death
Chuck Hughes 28 Cardiac arrest (in-game)
Edwin Jackson 26 Car accident
Stone Johnson 23 Neck injury (in-game)
Mose Kelsch 38 Road accident


Which famous footballer died in 2021?

June 4: Roberto Derlin, Italian footballer (Spezia Calcio, Genoa) and manager. June 7: Yoo Sang-chul, South Korean footballer (Ulsan Hyundai Horang-i, Yokohama F. Marinos, Kashiwa Reysol, South Korea) and manager (Daejeon Citizen, Jeonnam Dragons, Incheon United).

What 1966 Footballer died?

The FA said: “We are saddened to hear about the passing of former England international, 1966 World Cup winner and FA Cup winner Ron Flowers MBE at the age of 87.”

What football player died on the field?

24, 1971, Lions’ receiver Chuck Hughes became the first and still only NFL player to die during a game. In 102 years of NFL football, one player has died during a game. On Oct. 24, 1971, as the Detroit Lions played the Chicago Bears at Tiger Stadium, Lions’ receiver Chuck Hughes collapsed and died.

Who passed away in 2021?

March 5, 1966-April 5, 2021 British actor Paul Ritter died of a brain tumor at the age of 54. Ritter passed away “peacefully at home with his wife Polly and sons Frank and Noah by his side,” his agent said. 3

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Which footballer died in plane crash?

The man on trial over the 2019 plane crash that killed Argentine footballer Emiliano Sala told a British court on Thursday that he had been haunted by the tragedy.

Has anybody died in the NFL?

24. In 1971, the Detroit Lions’ Chuck Hughes had a heart attack and died. It remains the only death of a player during a game. In the NFL’s more than 100 year history, Lions WR Chuck Hughes remains the only NFL player to die during a game.

Where is Bobby Moore buried?

He was the oldest player in the England side in the 1966 final at 31. He died in May 2018, aged 83, having suffered from Alzheimer’s disease for 14 years. Nobby Stiles – Danced on the Wembley pitch with the Jules Rimet trophy in one hand and his false teeth in the other.

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