Quick Answer: How Does Fan Controlled Football Work?

Fan Controlled football is a 7-on-7 indoor football league where the players run the plays that the fans call. Every play, the fans of the offensive team get to vote on what play to run. The play with the most votes wins. Then you get to sit back and watch the magic happen.

Is Fan Controlled Football professional?

Fan Controlled Football (FCF) is a professional indoor football league created in 2017 as the first sports league controlled by fans. All games are played at the Infinite Energy Arena in Duluth, Georgia and broadcast on Twitch and VENN.

How do I watch a fan control football?

Heading into its second season, Fan Controlled Football has signed a broadcast deal with NBCUniversal subsidiary NBCLX that will see the league’s action aired across linear broadcast TV, cable channels and Peacock. FCF games will also be broadcast on Twitch, as they were during the inaugural season.

Was Fan Controlled Football a success?

Fan Controlled Football (FCF) has hailed a successful debut weekend headlined by a high number of app downloads and strong viewership on Twitch.

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How long is the Fan Controlled Football league?

The Fan Controlled Football league games take place every Saturday and will span six weeks. Although there are only four teams, meaning two matchups each week, you won’t be seeing a repeat of the same game over and over again.

How much do players make in fan controlled football?

FCF players, many of whom hope to get a shot at the NFL, reportedly make $400 to $750 a week, plus their lodging and meals.

Who plays in the fan controlled football league?

The league currently features four teams, Glacier Boyz, Wild Aces, Beasts and Zappers.

How does Johnny Manziel make money?

In addition to endorsements, Manziel has raked in money via in-person autograph meet-and-greet sessions like the one he did in 2015 in College Station, Texas. The Associated Press reported Manziel charged 350 people $125 per ticket, which came out to roughly $44,000.

What is the FCF Twitch?

In Fan Controlled Football, our fans call the shots by hiring coaches, drafting players, calling plays and more! All of our games will be streamed live here, on Twitch. If you think you’ve got what it takes, click the grey tab that says fcf.io for more information! Power to the FANS!

How much is a FCF team?

The average FCF franchise is valued at $7.5 million in the offering to fans, with 3% of the league’s equity available through the Republic investing platform.

What happened to manziel?

Johnny Manziel team He returned to play football with the Canadian Football League’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2018 with a two-year contract. However, while he ended his first CFL season with 1,290 yards passing, five touchdowns, seven picks, and a 64.2% completion percentage, he was let go in 2019.

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How does the Fcfl work?

In addition to play calling, each FCFL team is run by a virtual front office, putting fans in the Head General Manager role for the first time in sports, allowing them to determine each team’s name, logo, coach, and the players that make the roster via a fan-run draft. It’s a video game brought to life.

What teams are in the FCF?



How many people watch FCF?

The FCF saw a steady increase in its viewership through its first five weeks, from 735,000 in the first week to 2.1 million in the playoffs.

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