Question: What Does Pct Mean In Football?

Football Glossary

Stat Abbreviations
Abbreviation Definition
Pct Percentage
PD Pass Defensed
Prv Previous


What is pct football?

It stands for a teams winning percentage, and is calculated by taking the amount of games the team has won and dividing it by the total amount of games played.

What does PCT stand for in NFL standings?

Note: W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, PCT= Winning Percentage, PF= Points For, PA = Points Against.

What does PF and PA in football mean?

Lets take a look at the Points For (PF) and Points Against (PA) because that is what matters in Fantasy Football, the amount of points your team scores vs the amount of points your opponent scores. The top team’s PA is 281.

What does PF mean in American football?

PF is an acronym in fantasy football that stands for points for, which is the number of points scored by a team. The acronym is similar to the PA stat which represents the number of points scored against the team by opposing teams throughout the season.

What is a PCT stand for?

A patient care technician (PCT) provides hands-on care to patients with a variety of healthcare needs.

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How is PCT calculated in NFL?

It is defined as wins divided by the total number of matches played (i.e. wins plus draws plus losses). A draw counts as a 1⁄2 win.

What does IOL stand for in football?

Position Group: Offensive Line Position Group. Name: Offensive Line. Abbreviation: IOL.

What does DIFF mean in football?

Goal difference (or points difference) is calculated as the number of goals (or points) scored in all league matches minus the number of goals or points conceded.

What does STRK mean in football?

PA: Total Points Against. NET PTS: Net Points. STRK: Streak.

What does FR mean in fantasy football?

Fmb – fumbles. This includes all fumbles, including those that were recovered by the fumbler’s team. FR – fumble recoveries. G – games played.

What does PC mean in NFL?

PC sometimes stands for “Player Collector”. Most of the time you see the term “PC” you can assume it means personal collection.

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