Question: What Does Comb Mean In Football Stats?

Comb in football statistics is short for combined tackles. When counting combined tackles you take the total of assisted tackles plus solo tackles. It is important to note that some statistic keepers measure tackles differently.

What is AST in football stats?

AST – Assisted tackles. SACK – Total sacks. STF – Stuffs: see TLOSS. TLOSS – Tackles for Loss (Does not include Sacks)

Are tackles a good stat?

The Tackle. The tackle is perhaps the most annoying statistic in football. Not because it isn’ t useful but because it is so open to interpretation. For this reason, although the tackle is tracked by the NFL and its various teams, it is not considered an official statistic.

What is PDEF in football?

Fumble Recoveries Returned For Touchdown. SCK. Sacks. PDEF. Passes Defensed.

What does OTA mean in football?

Every team in the NFL participates in OTAs ( Organized Team Activities ) every offseason. Teams are given a set of rules to follow during OTAs that differ from the rules they have to follow during annual training camp.

What does G mean in football stats?

G – games played. GS – games started. This is complete from 1980 forward, and partially complete before that. Int – in a passing table, this means interceptions thrown.

Are sacks a QB stat?

As discussed, the NFL counts sack yards against the team passing yards but not against the passing yards for the quarterback. So not only does the quarterback not get negative rushing yards, it doesn’t count against the quarterback’s passing statistics either.

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Do sacks count as QB hits?

In the National Football League (NFL), it is possible to record a sack for zero yards. The NFL subtract yards lost due to sacks from teams’ passing totals; however, the quarterback’s individual passing total stats remain unchanged. The NCAA subtracts sack yardage from individual rushing totals.

What is a tot TD?

This stands for total, and is often used for quarterbacks. The app may say your quarterback has “3 TOT” which means your quarterback has a total of three touchdowns. It combines rushing and passing touchdowns to give you the “TOT” number of touchdowns, which is the combined number of touchdowns for a specific player.

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