Question: Football Players Who Won Dancing With The Stars?

NFL players

  • Emmitt Smith.
  • Rashad Jennings.
  • Antonio Brown.
  • Hines Ward.

What pro football players have been on Dancing with the Stars?

Lewis joins the likes of Jerry Rice, Hines Ward, Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, Keyshawn Johnson, Doug Flutie, Jason Taylor, Warren Sapp, Lawrence Taylor, Chad Johnson, Kurt Warner, Donald Driver, Jacoby Jones, Antonio Brown, Calvin Johnson, Rashad Jennings, Terrell Owens, Josh Norman, and DeMarcus Ware.

Who was a quarterback that was on Dancing with the Stars?

Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown and former quarterback Doug Flutie are the latest NFL players to appear on “Dancing with the Stars.” Take a look back at all the NFL players who have appeared on the show.

Did Jerry Rice win Dancing with the Stars?

Jerry Rice – Former NFL wide receiver Jerry Rice came close to winning Season 2 of Dancing With the Stars as he finished runner-up behind Drew Lachey.

Is Dancing With the Stars coming back in 2021?

DWTS season 30 premiered Sept. 20, 2021. ABC announced the premiere date on July 15 as part of the network’s overall fall lineup. 5

Who won Season 2 of Dancing with the Stars?

#1: Master P Master P received the lowest score of the week on all four of his dances, with his worst being the paso doble, on which he received an astoundingly bad score of 8 (including 2s from Len and Bruno). Naturally, he was eliminated from the show and immediately entered “Dancing with the Stars” history.

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