Often asked: Why Is Boise State Football Field Blue?

History of the Blue His idea was called a “genius idea for the Broncos brand.” In 2011, BSU received a federal trademark registration for “the color blue as applied to artificial turf.”That same year, the Mountain West ruled that the team couldn’t wear blue jerseys on the field.

Is Boise State football field blue?

The Boise State turf is the same as artificial surfaces all over America. Except its blue. It’s a lot of blue. Albertsons Stadium once had a track around the football field, so the sidelines are quite wide.

Which football team has a blue football field?

The Story Behind Boise State University’s Blue Turf. The official name of BSU’s famous blue football field is the Lyle Smith field, but most locals know it as The Blue. According to Boise State’s website, Successful football has been played on that field since 1958 when the Junior College won the National Championship.

Did Boise State trademark blue field?

Boise State owns a trademark to a blue field. As explicitly enumerated in the trademark registration, “[t]he mark consists of the color blue used on the artifical [sic] turf in the stadium.”

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Can Boise State wear blue uniforms?

Boise State Blue Uniforms Banned at Home. According to a story posted earlier today on USA Today one of the conditions of Boise State joining the Mountain West Conference for the 2011 season was that they wouldn’t wear their blue jerseys for home conference games.

When did Boise State get a blue football field?

Did You know? The first blue turf was installed in 1986, 16 years after Bronco Stadium, now Albertsons Stadium, was built. Boise State was the first school to have a non-green football field.

Do birds dive into Boise State field?

“Our school president Jim Adams actually called Boise State and asked if [the fact that birds dive bomb into blue turf] was true, and that is a false statement. Want more on the best stories in high school sports?

Can you see Boise State football field?

Visiting the Blue Field To see the blue field, you can visit the Allen Noble Hall of Fame just outside of Albertsons Stadium. According to Boise State Athletics, the Allen Noble Hall of Fame is the only “public entrance” to view the Boise State football blue turf field.

Who has a blue turf field?

The blue is unique in that Boise State was the first school to have a non-green football field. In fact, it took another twenty years for another university to install another non-traditional field. Boise’s famous field was eventually nicknamed the ‘smurf turf’ after the blue cartoon characters.

How many blue football fields are there in the US?

There are about 30 blue fields now across all levels, Bickerton said, including six at other United States colleges, and a variety of colors elsewhere. But Boise State zealously defends the status of its home field, Albertsons Stadium, as the only blue one in college football’s highest division.

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What color is Boise State?

It is actually pretty simple: the colour is determined by the direction in which the grass is mown. That way light is distributed differently by the grass mown in different directions. Most of the football clubs use the same type off grass which is a mixture of different types of grass with artificial grass.

What is Boise State known for academically?

A few of Boise State’s unique academic features include the nation’s only degree in raptor biology, through which students research birds of prey, and a partnership with the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory, which serves as a great resource for studying microelectronics.

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