Often asked: What Is The Tsl Football League?

The Spring League is an American football developmental league and scouting event (pro showcase) that began play in 2017 and was founded by Brian Woods.

The Spring League.

Current season, competition or edition: 2021 The Spring League season
Sport American football
Founded 2016
Inaugural season 2017
CEO Brian Woods

Do TSL football players get paid?

Not only does the TSL not pay its players, the league charges a $2,000 fee for the opportunity to get on the field. The fee is waived for anyone with NFL experience or who has been to an NFL training camp, but no one on the field gets paid.

How do you get into spring league?

Any player who was draft eligible during a previous year’s NFL Draft, is eligible to participate in The Spring League. Opt-outs from the 2020 NCAA season and other underclassmen will be considered on a case by case basis.

How does the spring league work?

The Spring League’s 2021 season will consist of 24 games played over the course of six weeks. A championship game will be played at the conclusion of the regular season.

Is TSL same as XFL?

The XFL and TSL have very little in common, but one similarity, in particular, stands out the most. As things currently stand, neither entity is a fully formed pro football league. One was a year ago, and the other has never been one. Much the same way that the Alliance of American Football did back in 2019.

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Is there a spring football league?

The Spring League is the premier professional football development league in the United States and abroad. The majority of players who participate in The Spring League have spent time on an NFL active, practice, or pre-season roster. The Spring League consists of eight teams.

Are coaches paid in the spring league?

The belief by many is that the Spring League has the money to pay their coaches. Many players and coaches in the FXFL, back in 2014, were either underpaid or not paid at all. In the Fall Experimental Football League (FXFL), players on the Florida Blacktips team were shorted money on their payouts.

How many football teams are in the spring league?

Players at the Spring League are not paid but receive lodging and food for the duration of the three-week program. The promise? Consideration by NFL and CFL scouts, and enough game and practice film to continue their campaigns to get signed.

Will the XFL return?

The XFL announced on Wednesday that it is planning to relaunch in 2023 after talks with the Canadian Football League about collaboration between the two leagues were tabled. The XFL and CFL both said in separate statements that the decision was jointly reached between the leagues.

Who are the coaches in the spring league?


  • Steve Fairchild* (Alphas)
  • Terry Shea* (Aviators)
  • Ted Cottrell (Blues)
  • Jerry Glanville (Conquerors)
  • Bart Andrus* (Generals)
  • Chuck Bresnahan (Jousters)

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