Who Is The Football Player In The Adidas Commercial? (Question)

David Beckham Leads Star-Studded Adidas Football Promo, Using WhatsApp. Some of the biggest names in football have come together for a short commercial to promote Adidas’ new Predator Freak boots.

Who are some famous athletes that are sponsored by Adidas?

  • Here is a list of famous athletes sponsored by Adidas Von Miller – an American football player and Super Bowl winner for the Denver Broncos. Vincent Kompany – a Belgian soccer player for Manchester City, and a 4-time Premier League champion. Paul Pogba – a French soccer player for Manchester United, and World Cup winner in 2018.

Who is in the new adidas commercial?

adidas TV Commercial, ‘Impossible Is Nothing: Candace Parker’ Ft. Patrick Mahomes, Derrick Rose – iSpot.tv.

Which football players are sponsored by adidas?

The Germany based organization boasts of previously sponsoring the likes of Gerd Muller, Oliver Kahn, Philipp Lahm, David Beckham, Frank Lampard, Steven Gerrard, Zinedine Zidane, Franz Beckenbauer and Iker Casillas among other great players to ever play the beautiful game.

Who is the girl in the Adidas commercial?

Candace Parker – Commercial Members | adidas US.

Does Candace Parker have a shoe?

The real star of the line are Parker’s basketball shoes, appropriately named Exhibit (A)ce.

Is Messi an Adidas ambassador?

Messi has been signed to the German sportswear Adidas since 2006 and has since become the face of their brand. In 2017, he extended his deal with the brand, which makes a line of Messi-branded soccer cleats, by signing a lifetime contract, earning him $25 million annually.

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Who is the brand ambassador of Adidas?

Sportswear retailer Adidas has roped in Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone as its brand ambassador. This is part of the German sportswear brand’s strategy to strengthen engagement with women shoppers.

Is Ronaldo sponsored by Adidas?

Cristiano Ronaldo Is Actually Wearing adidas in This New Nike Ad. Fresh from winning the Champions League final for a second straight year, famed footballer Cristiano Ronaldo was highlighted in a new advertisement by Nike over the weekend.

What shoes does Sue Bird wear?

Sue Bird, the first overall pick in the 2002 WNBA draft, is an American guard on the Seattle Storm. One of the WNBA’s best known sneakerheads, Bird most recently wore Kyrie 7 PEs during the US 2020 Olympic run.

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