Who Did Clemson Lose To In Football 2016? (TOP 5 Tips)

After a 27-21 double-overtime loss to NC State on Saturday, Clemson dropped to 2-2 and is essentially eliminated from College Football Playoff contention before we even reach October. Its six-year stranglehold on the ACC is now in jeopardy.

When did Clemson lose to the Pittsburgh Panthers?

  • The Clemson Tigers lost to the Pittsburgh Panthers 43-42 on November 12, 2016.

Who won the 2016 college football playoff?

The Tigers entered the 2016 season as the defending national runners-up after a 14–1 season that ended with a loss to Alabama in the 2016 College Football Playoff National Championship. Clemson won by a score of 35 to 31, winning their first consensus national championship since 1981.

What year did Pitt beat Clemson?

When Pitt knocked off Clemson in 2016, it was one of the biggest upsets of the year in college football. The Panthers knocked off the Tigers today, but this one wasn’t the shock it was five years ago.

Who did Clemson lose to in 2014?

16, 2014, a run of 107 consecutive weeks as a ranked team that now is over. Its streak of 97 consecutive weeks as a top-10 team ended after the loss to N.C. State.

Who lost Clemson to 2021?

Coming out of a 27-17 loss at Pittsburgh, Clemson’s offense continues to wander in the desert while Dabo Swinney puts it all on himself. Before Saturday’s 27-17 defeat at Pittsburgh, the last time Clemson lost three games in a single season was 2014.

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Who won 2017 national championship?

On the next play, Watson threw a touchdown pass to Renfrow with 0:01 left; putting Clemson back in the lead, 35–31. After Clemson recovered an onside kick attempting to run out the clock, the game ended with a kneel-down and Clemson won the National Championship Game.

Who won 2015 national championship?

2018: Clemson again beat Alabama in the College Football Playoff Final, this time 44-16, to win the national title behind freshman QB Trevor Lawrence on Jan. 7, 2019.

Who won the 2018 national championship?

Clemson has three national championships in football, the most recent coming in 2018 with a victory over Alabama 44-16 in the 2019 College Football Playoff National Championship. Clemson has appeared in the last six playoffs and won two national championships during those visits.

Who was quarterback when Pitt beat Clemson?

PITTSBURGH — — Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett made the most of his Heisman Trophy showcase, throwing for 302 yards and two touchdowns as the 23rd-ranked Panthers topped Clemson 27-17 on Saturday. Pickett completed 25 of 39 passes to overtake Alex Van Pelt for the most career completions in school history.

When did Pitt join the ACC?

“This is a great day for the University of Pittsburgh,” Chancellor Mark A. Nordenberg said on September 18, 2011, the day Pitt was introduced as a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC).

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