When Was The Last Time Kentucky Beat Tennessee In Football? (Solution found)

When did the Kentucky and Tennessee rivalry start?

  • The Kentucky–Tennessee football rivalry is an American college football rivalry between the Kentucky Wildcats and Tennessee Volunteers. The border rivals have faced off on the gridiron since 1893, making it one of the oldest series in major college football.

When’s the last time Kentucky football beat Tennessee?

The last time the Wildcats beat the Volunteers in back-to-back seasons remains 1976 (7-0 at Neyland Stadium) and 1977 (21-17 at Commonwealth Stadium). UK last beat UT three out of five in 1958 (a 6-2 win in Knoxville), 1959 (20-0 in Lexington) and 1962 (12-10 in Knoxville).

When was the last time Kentucky won in Knoxville?

5) Despite UT winning 15 in a row in Knoxville, UK has fared reasonably well lately: When it is noted that Kentucky hasn’t won in Knoxville since 1984, the mind conjures up Tennessee dominance in the series — and there has been some of that: a 52-0 game in 1994, a 56-10 rout in 1996, and a 50-16 thumping two years ago.

Has Kentucky ever won a SEC championship in football?

Kentucky has won two conference championships, both in the Southeastern Conference.

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When was the last time Kentucky won a national championship in football?

During his tenure, he led the Kentucky Wildcats to four NCAA crowns in 1948, 1949, 1951 and 1958. The Wildcats later won a fifth championship under Joe B. Hall in 1978, another in 1996 under Rick Pitino, in 1998 under Orlando “Tubby” Smith, and its most recent in 2012 under Coach John Calipari.

What state is above Kentucky?

Kentucky borders seven states, from the Midwest and the Southeast. West Virginia lies to the northeast, Virginia to the east, Tennessee to the south, Missouri to the west, Illinois to the northwest, and Indiana and Ohio to the north.

What team has won the most SEC football championships?

All-Time SEC Championships By School

  • Alabama – 27.
  • Georgia – 13.
  • Tennessee – 13.
  • LSU – 11.
  • Florida – 8.
  • Auburn – 8.
  • Ole Miss – 6.
  • *Georgia Tech – 5.

Who won the 1950 college football championship?

Tennessee claims six national championships and 16 conference titles.

How many times has Kentucky won the NCAA championship?

Furthermore, Kentucky has played in 17 NCAA Final Fours (third place all-time behind North Carolina and UCLA), 12 NCAA Championship games (tied for first all-time with UCLA), and has won eight NCAA championships (second only to UCLA’s 11).

Where did Bear Bryant play football?

Bear Bryant starred his football career playing for the University of Alabama. After successful coaching stints at Maryland, Kentucky and Texas A&M, he won six national championships over 25 years with Alabama, and retired with a record 323 wins in 1982.

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