What Is The Score Of The Western Michigan Football Game? (Solved)

Eastern Michigan comes back, beats Western Michigan 22-21.

Who won the Western Michigan football game yesterday?

Central Michigan football beats Western Michigan, 42-30: Game thread replay.

How can I watch the Western Michigan football game?

Western Michigan: Live stream, TV channel, start time for Tuesday’s NCAA Football game – CBSSports.com. How To Watch

  1. When: Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. ET.
  2. Where: Rynearson Stadium — Ypsilanti, Michigan.
  3. TV: ESPN2.
  4. Online streaming: fuboTV (Try for free. Regional restrictions may apply.)
  5. Follow: CBS Sports App.
  6. Ticket Cost: $21.60.

What channel is the Western Michigan football game on?

2021 Western Michigan Broncos Schedule | ESPN.

Where is Western Michigan football ranked?

The Western Michigan Broncos are ranked 39 on offense, averaging 433.9 yards per game.

Who is Western Michigan’s football coach?

Western Michigan University is located in the city of Kalamazoo, midway between Detroit and Chicago.

How long is a football game?

Games can typically run two or even three hours in length, depending on if the game goes into overtime. Injuries and media timeouts can also account for large amounts of time that increase the overall length of the football game. Recent studies have shown that the average NFL game lasts around three hours in total.

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Who is Western Michigan’s rival?

WMU’s main rival is the Central Michigan University Chippewas and they play for the Victory Cannon. As of 2018, the Broncos own a 49–38–2 advantage in the series.

What radio station is Michigan football?

Where: Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor. TV: Fox. Radio: WXYT-FM (97.1), WWJ-AM (950), WTKA-AM (1050). Other radio affiliates. 4

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