What Is The Score Of The Oklahoma State Football Game?

No. 7 Oklahoma State shocked rival No. 10 Oklahoma, winning an absolutely wild Bedlam matchup for the first time since 2014. The 37-33 victory by the Cowboys advances them to the Big 12 Championship Game where they will enter as the top seed for the first time in program history.3

What is the Oklahoma State football schedule?

  • 2018 Oklahoma State Cowboys Football Schedule Sept. 1 Missouri State Sept. 8 South Alabama Sept. 15 Boise State Sept. 22 Texas Tech Sept. 29 at Kansas Oct. 6 Iowa State Oct. 13 at Kansas State Oct. 20 OPEN DATE Oct. 27 Texas Nov. 3 at Baylor Nov. 10 at Oklahoma Nov. 17 West Virginia Nov. 24 at TCU

Has Oklahoma State won a national championship?

In total, Oklahoma State has 52 NCAA team national titles, which ranks fourth in most NCAA team national championships. These national titles have come in wrestling (34), golf (11), basketball (2), baseball (1), and cross country (4).

What channel is the Oklahoma State University football game on?

What TV channel will broadcast the game? The Oklahoma-Oklahoma State game will be broadcast on ABC. 3

Who won the Bedlam game 2021?

On a cool Saturday night, the No. 10 Oklahoma Sooners were bested the No. 7 Oklahoma State Cowboys (11-1, 8-1) in Bedlam, 37-33. With the loss, OU falls to 10-2 on the season, finishes 7-2 in conference play and misses out on a chance to rematch OSU in the 2021 Big 12 Championship Game. 3

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Who is favored in the Oklahoma State game?

The Cowboys are four-point favorites in the latest Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State odds at Caesars Sportsbook, while the total is 49.5. 3

What is Oklahoma’s state horse?

The current Bullet is a black American quarter horse gelding. Bullet was introduced as an Oklahoma State tradition in 1984 by the late Dr. Eddy Finley as part of the Spirit Rider Program.

Why is this the last Bedlam?

OU’s loss to Baylor two weeks ago gave the Bears the tiebreaker. The 37-33 Bedlam loss ensures that Oklahoma’s run of six straight Big 12 championships comes to an end in 2021. It also ends any hopes, however unlikely, of the Sooners sneaking into the College Football Playoff. 3

When was the last time OSU won Bedlam?

OSU fans celebrate after the 2002 win.

Who is winning the Bedlam game?

The 37-33 victory by the Cowboys advances them to the Big 12 Championship Game where they will enter as the top seed for the first time in program history. It also snaps the Sooners’ streak of six straight Big 12 title wins. 3

Where is bedlam this year?

Oklahoma Sooners prepare to take on Cowboys for 2021 Bedlam game in Stillwater. TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — Bedlam is one of the most watched football games of the year. 4

What time is Oklahoma Bedlam game?

Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State start time Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State will kick off at 7:30 p.m. ET from Boone Pickens Stadium in Stillwater, Okla. 4

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