What Is The Erik Fisher Football Dream? (Correct answer)

In the novel Tangerine, the “Erik Fisher Football Dream” is an obsessive plan for Erik, the older brother in the family, to earn fame and a college scholarship by joining the high school football team, becoming the star player, getting featured in the local paper for his skills, etc.


  • In the novel Tangerine, the “Erik Fisher Football Dream” is an obsessive plan for Erik, the older brother in the family, to earn fame and a college scholarship by joining the high school football team, becoming the star player, getting featured in the local paper for his skills, etc.

How does Paul feel about the Erik Fisher football dream?

Paul is afraid of his older brother, Erik. When he refers to his brother’s goal as the “Erik Fisher Football Dream,” it is with a tone of sarcasm and disinterest. Paul’s parents pay little attention to him and put his brother on a pedestal.

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What is the dream Paul’s dad has for Eric?

Paul’s dad is unabashedly living vicariously through Erik. The Erik Fisher Football Dream is actually the Mr. Fisher Football Dream. He goes around telling everyone he’s “always regretted not being big enough to play football” at college (1.3.

Why is football so important to the Fisher family in tangerine?

Fisher that Erik’s grades will improve after football season. Football is a justified excuse for poor academics. Even more bizarrely, football is an excuse for breaking the law since the Lake Windsor Downs team lies about Antoine Thomas’s eligibility and puts his future at stake.

How does Mr Fisher affect Paul in tangerine?

Fisher makes that affects Paul is the choice to reveal and accept the fact that Erik has a mental sickness. On Saturday December 3rd, Grandmom and Grandpop arrived at the Fisher household, after the sheriff’s deputies took Arthur Bauer to jail for murder and Erik was told he had to stay in his house from then on.

Why is Paul scared of Erik?

It is odd how blinded they are by Erik, enabling them to overlook his malevolence. Paul fears Erik because of this blindness, something upon which Paul himself comments: “But I can see. This oddity makes Paul fear him because there are no limits to what Erik can do.

What happens to Erik in Tangerine?

Paul then persuades Joey Costello to join Tangerine Middle School. After a quarrel with Paul, Joey returns to Lake Windsor. While at Paul’s house for a school project, Tino makes fun at how Erik fell down while attempting to a kick an extra point during an earlier football game, so Erik slaps him.

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What does Paul’s father do for a living in Tangerine?

Paul’s father is a civil engineer. He’s moved his family to Tangerine to take up a new job as deputy director of the county’s civil engineering department. He later becomes the director in the wake of a corruption scandal involving his predecessor.

Why is Paul’s brothers career so important to Dad?

Why is Paul’s brother’s career so important to Dad? The community is small enough that the Fisher family will stand out and Paul’s brother will be a football star and will be able to play for a professional team in the future.

Why are the tented houses the ones that are being robbed?

They’re considered a pest similar to bedbugs or cockroaches, and homeowners usually need to have their homes fumigated by a special termite control company in order to remove them. Since homeowners have to leave their houses when fumigation occurs, Erik and Arthur were able to steal valuables from the unguarded houses.

What is Erik Fishers football number?

This is revealed when Paul finally puts the pieces together after Erik’s fit of rage to complete the memory of what happened to him. He describes it his entry dated Friday, December 1. He remembers that Erik and Vincent vandalized a wall in a development they lived in called Silver Meadows.

What happened to Paul’s eyes?

Paul lost his eyesight when his brother and a friend sprayed paint into his eyes. The real story is that his brother held him down while his friend Vincent sprayed paint into his eyes out of revenge, claiming that Paul got him into trouble.

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How old is Erik in tangerine?

Main Characters The protagonist, is twelve years old and in seventh grade. He is considered to be legally blind. He plays soccer, mostly as goalie.

Who confronts Erik in the Fishers backyard?

Fisher has about Erik’s grades slipping. Paul can watch football practice while he’s waiting. He hides under the bleachers there to avoid Erik and Arthur, and sees that practice is over. Luis’s pick-up truck drives up, and Paul watches as Luis confronts Erik about hurting Tino—verbally confronts him, that is.

Who all dies in tangerine?

Expert Answers Heather Garey, M.S. In Edward Bloor’s novel Tangerine, Luis Cruz is killed by a blow to the head from a blackjack wielded by Erik Fisher’s friend, Arthur Bauer. The head wound doesn’t kill Luis right away. Luis had an aneurysm, which is a weakening in the wall of an artery; it

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