What Football Team Did Goldberg Play For? (Best solution)

Bill Goldberg
NFL Draft: 1990 / Round: 11 / Pick: 301
Career history
Los Angeles Rams (1990–1991)* Sacramento Surge (1992) Sacramento Gold Miners (1993) Atlanta Falcons (1992–1994) Carolina Panthers (1995)*
* Offseason and/or practice squad member only


  • Goldberg earned a scholarship to play for the University of Georgia Bulldogs football team where he served as a defensive tackle. He was taken by the Los Angeles Rams in the 11th round, with the 302nd overall selection, in the 1990 NFL draft.

Did Brock Lesnar play football in college?

Brock Lesnar made his professional wrestling debut in 2000 at 23 years old. Interestingly, Lesnar did not play football at all in college, so this was his first real action on a football field in about ten years.

Who ended Goldberg streak?

9 Kevin Nash As you probably know, Kevin Nash was the one who put an end to Goldberg’s undefeated streak. In the main event of Starrcade 1998, Kevin Nash and Goldberg collided in a No Disqualification match for the WCW World Heavyweight Title.

Who is Goldberg’s wife?

After playing college football for Georgia Tech, Anoaʻi started his professional football career with brief off-season stints with the Minnesota Vikings and Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League (NFL) in 2007.

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What happened to Brock Lesnar’s NFL career?

Lesnar was a fixture of the Vikings’ training camp and played in the preseason. Sadly, that was the last of his NFL journey, as he was left off the ultimate squad.

What is the weight of Roman Reigns?

During Goldberg’s WWE career, which started in 2003, he has only lost eleven times. Goldberg didn’t appear for WWE between 2004 and 2016, but when he appeared, his wins certainly outweighed his losses. Goldberg’s latest match was a defeat to Bobby Lashley at SummerSlam pay-per-view in 2021.

What was Goldberg’s real streak?

Bill Goldberg’s undefeated streak in WCW is one of the final and most memorable milestones of the company. From June 23, 1997 to Starrcade 1998 in December, Goldberg decimated WCW’s roster with an “official” record of 173 straight victories before losing to Kevin Nash.

Did Goldberg ever wrestle Stone Cold?

Goldberg has opened up on why a match between himself and Stone Cold Steve Austin never took place. Here is what Goldberg had to say on the match that never was: “Oh my god, I wouldn’t be living and breathing if I didn’t make that statement.

Who is Bill Goldberg’s son?

Bill Goldberg will return to action on Saturday night when he faces WWE champion Bobby Lashley in one of SummerSlam’s featured matches. Goldberg’s involvement in the match was met with some pushback from fans who feel the 54-year-old legend’s days as a part-time wrestler should come to an end.

How rich is Goldberg?

Bill Goldberg is a former professional wrestler and football player. He has a net worth of $14 million dollars and is one of only three men ever to hold world champion status of both the WWE and the WCW.

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Is Rock related to Roman Reigns?

In an interview with Comicbook.com, Dwayne Johnson was asked about the possibility of having a match with Roman Reigns (the two consider themselves cousins, but are not technically related by blood).

Is Roman Reigns a twin?

Although Reigns married his wife Galina Joelle Becker in 2014, they had their first child in 2008. Eight years later, in 2016, the couple would have a pair of twin boys and in 2020, Becker gave birth to another pair of twins. So Roman Reigns actually has two sets of twin children and five overall.

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