What Conference Is Cincinnati Football In? (Question)

  • On Friday, the University of Cincinnati accepted an invitation to join the Big 12 Athletic Conference. UC’s President has confirmed they will join no later than July 1, 2024.

Is Cincinnati in the ACC?

The Cincinnati Bearcats are the athletic teams that represent the University of Cincinnati. The teams are members of the American Athletic Conference (The American), which from 1979 to 2013 was known as the Big East Conference. The Bearcats were previously members of Conference USA, where they were a founding member.

What conference is Iowa in?

Two of the teams ranked in the top four have never made the CFP: No. 2 Michigan and No. 4 Cincinnati. A two-loss team has never made the College Football Playoff in the first seven years of the playoff. 13

Has a two-loss team made the CFP?

No two-loss team has made the playoff and an Alabama loss could give Cincinnati extra wiggle room in the CFP rankings, even if Oklahoma State beats Baylor in the Big 12 Championship to make a late push for the top four. 12

Is FCS the same as Division 2?

In D1 the classifications are Division I, FCS, & FBS. FCS & FBS are football schools. Division I are non football schools. Division II is the next lowest level after FCS, and after Division II comes Division III.

What conference is West Virginia in?

Missouri had shown interest in Big Ten membership after Penn State joined. Around 1993, the league explored adding Kansas, Missouri and Rutgers or other potential schools, to create a 14-team league with two divisions.

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