How To Put A Visor On A Football Helmet? (Question)

  • To install a football helmet visor, all you’ll need are three items: Your Football Helmet; Your Football Visor; A Phillips-Head Screwdriver; Make sure the visor you choose to install fits your helmet and facemask style. According to Rea, you’ll first want to remove the football helmet visor from its packaging. You can then remove the film on the eye shield from both sides. Next, you should locate the two clips at the bottom of the football visor.

Do football visors fit all helmets?

Do football visors fit all helmets? Finding the best football visor and eye shield isn’t too hard. Most styles will fit any helmet model easily. We selected visors that offer terrific anti-glare, scratch resistance and extreme impact protection.

Do football visors crack?

They’re shatter-proof which is important, because if your visor cracks they’re not legal to play in. They reduce glare (from sunlight, instead of sunglasses that may fall off, and stadium lights) and are resistant to scratches, giving good visibility to the wearer.

Can any visor go on any helmet?

The visor should fit all adult helmets, unless it is a unique size.

How do you put a visor on a mini helmet?


  1. Apply light pressure and slide clips on each side of the mask.
  2. Hold visor with one hand and apply pressure to curve the visor.
  3. Slide the visor under the facemask of the mini helmet until the middle tab is in the correct spot.
  4. Apply pressure to the visor to conform into place.
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How do you get a prescription visor for football?

How Do I Get a Prescription Visor for Football?

  1. Talk to Your Coach or Athletic Director. You should first discuss your need for a visor with your coach or athletic director.
  2. Talk to Your Team Doctor. Discuss your need for a visor with your team doctor.
  3. Talking to the Eye Doctor.
  4. Obtaining the Visor.

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