How To Coach Flag Football?

What should a coach do for a flag football team?

  • The coach should assign the team’s best athletes to play the defensive end positions, the team’s strongest player as nose guard and its fastest player at rover back. Conduct flag-pulling drills at each practice; the players must learn their assignments and techniques for getting to the ball carrier.

How can I practice flag football by myself?

Easy Practice Drills

  1. Run Around Cones. This is a simple drill that helps develop ball carrying skills and coordination.
  2. Team Hand-off Exchange.
  3. Don’t Sweep Too Wide Drill.
  4. Three on Two Running Drill.
  5. QB 3 Step Drop, Roll-Out Drill.
  6. Mini-Scrimmage.
  7. Out of the Back Field Receiving Drill.
  8. Passing Drill.

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