How Old Was George Blanda When He Retired From Football? (Solved)

The oldest NFL player in history was George Blanda, who retired at the age of 48 in 1976. He was originally drafted by the Chicago Bears in 1949, meaning his career stretched for four decades.

How old was George Blanda when he played for the NFL?

  • He figured that, at age 48, he‘d had enough. Pete Rozelle presents 43-year-old George Blanda with the AFC player of the year award in 1970. (Getty Images)

Who’s the oldest quarterback to ever play in the NFL?

Who is the oldest NFL quarterback? Brady will still need another five years- which we deem quite probable- to be the oldest quarterback in NFL history. The Chicago Bears’ quarterback, George Blanda, is graded the oldest player and quarterback in the league, retiring at age 48 in 1976.

How long did George Blanda play professional football?

George Blanda played pro football for 26 seasons – longer than any other person. However, he’ll probably be remembered best for his 1970 season with the Oakland Raiders. That year, in a five-game period, George provided Oakland with four wins and one tie with last-second touchdown passes or field goals – at age 43.

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How old is Gronkowski?

Bruce Arians: Rob Gronkowski ‘in the best shape he’s been in, in a few years’ In one game in 2021, Rob Gronkowski already looks better than he did at any point in 2020. The 32-year-old tight end looked like he was in 2015 form in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ 31-29 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

Is George Blanda still alive?

Miura holds the records for being the oldest goalscorer in the J-League, the footballer with the world’s longest professional career, and, as of 2021, is the oldest professional footballer in the world at 54.

What was George Blanda salary?

After four years and no raises, Blanda almost bolted to Hamilton of the Canadian Football League in December 1952, but Halas kept him by raising his salary to $11,600.

Who is the oldest NFL player alive?

10 Oldest Living Football Players (Updated 2021)

  • Lenny Moore (November 25, 1933 – Present) Current Age (as of February 2021): 87 years, 2 months, 29 days.
  • Raymond Berry (February 27, 1933 – Present)
  • Joe Schmidt (January 19, 1932 – Present)
  • Bill McColl (April 2, 1930 – Present)
  • Hugh McElhenny (December 31, 1928 – Present)

How tall is Brady?

However, this wasn’t just a regular “W” for Brady. Securing this victory made the seven-time Super Bowl champion the oldest starting quarterback to win a game in league history at 44 years, 37 days old.

How far did George Blanda kick a field goal?

Blanda was a reliable kicker with a strong enough leg to have blasted a 55-yard field goal in 1961 and, nine years later, a 52-yarder.

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Who is the oldest football player in the Premier League?

Old Boys: The Oldest Premier League Players

  • John Burridge (43y, 162d)
  • Alec Chamberlain (42y, 327d)
  • Steve Ogrizovic (42y, 237d)
  • Brad Friedel (42y, 176d)
  • Mark Schwarzer (42y, 159d)
  • Neville Southall (41y, 178d)
  • Kevin Poole (41y, 164d)
  • Jens Lehmann (41y, 151d)

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