How Many People Watch Monday Night Football? (Solution found)

For the season, ESPN’s Monday Night Football is now averaging 13.6 million viewers through seven games, up 17 percent from 2020 and 15 percent from 2019. MNF has been up over 2020 in six of seven weeks this season and has delivered multi-year highs in several weeks, including Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

  • Monday Night Football averaged 11.8 million viewers in the United States during the 2020 NFL regular season, an decrease of around 300 thousand viewers on the previous year.

Are the ratings down for Monday Night Football?

Through its first four games (and factoring out the second half of a season-opening doubleheader last year), MNF is up about 15 percent in viewers vs. 2020. All of the NFL’s other broadcast windows are currently up year to year as well.

How many viewers does an average NFL game get?

NFL games are the most-watched content on television. Through six weeks, national NFL broadcasts are averaging 16.6 million viewers, up 11 percent over the same stretch from last season.

How many viewers are watching Sunday night football?

Final same-day ratings from Nielsen have the game at 26.75 million viewers on NBC. An additional 1.3 million people watched on Peacock and digital and mobile properties for NBC Sports, the NFL, the two teams and Yahoo Sports, per Adobe Analytics.

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Are NFL ratings down in 2021?

One month into the 2021 season, the NFL’s viewership is up around 17% compared to this time last year. The league is attracting an average of roughly 17 million viewers across its various network partners, according to Nielsen data.

Who is the most watched NFL team?

The Dallas Cowboys, or America’s Team, are always one of the most-watched teams in the NFL, but this Thanksgiving was different. The Las Vegas Raiders-Cowboys matchup Thursday delivered an estimated 38.531 million viewers, which made it the most-watched NFL regular-season game on any network since 1990. 5

Is the NFL losing viewers?

The National Football League is defying gravity in the changing television universe. Three weeks into the 2021 season, overall viewing of the NFL is up 9% over the comparable period last year according to data from Nielsen and the league’s partners, with an average of 16.9 million viewers on TV and digital platforms.

How many people watch each NFL game?

The league announced today that the average NFL game has had 17.3 million viewers this season, which is a 17 percent increase from this point during the 2020 season. Ratings were expected to rebound in large part because last year, many TV viewers were watching news coverage of the presidential election.

How many viewers watched Sunday Night Football last night?

In the latest TV ratings, NBC’s Sunday Night Football match-up between the Steelers and Seahawks averaged 13.2 million total viewers and a 3.6 demo rating, down sharply from last week to veritably match season lows.

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Are football ratings going up?

NFL television ratings climbing through first quarter of 2021 season. After seeing its viewership drop during the 2020 season, the National Football League is faring much better this fall. Since the regular season began, ratings and viewership are skyrocketing across all major networks entering Week 5.

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